My Mission...

To help my clients find balance, harmony and live healthier lives through the healing touch of therapeutic massage.


My Story

I have had a healing touch my entire life. From helping my friends who were athletes back in high school to volunteering with my daughter at a horse rescue, I enjoy helping others. For decades, I myself have incorporated massage therapy and chiropractic care as an essential part of my overall health and wellness. I know, first hand, how these two approaches can help your body, mind and spirit. That is why I knew, even as I began my training, that I would establish my practice within a chiropractor's office.

After over 2 years of working in tandem with an exceptional chiropractor in Marietta, Georgia (Dr. Tish Corey of Corey Chiropractic), my husband, Dave, and I moved to Lake Lanier. As part of this move I decided to open my own practice and work along with the many chiropractors, dentists, personal trainers, and other health care professionals in the area to help their patients/clients achieve their optimum health.

Fancy Face

Tammy Baldwin, LMT

Owner & Massage Therapist

Next Steps...

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