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Equine Massage

Like the benefits of massage on the human body, Equine Massage helps to strengthen and regulate the horse's Respiratory, Circulatory, Immune and Gastrointestinal functions. Massage therapy can accelerate recovery from soft tissue injury, improve muscle tone and wellness, improve performance and enhance the quality of the horse's movement, as well as aid in the prevention of injuries to muscles and ligaments. Massage therapy helps to decrease inflammation in the joints and releases endorphins and other hormones to alleviate pain while decreasing the production of stress hormones. It relaxes and soothes the horse's nervous system, aids in digestion, and improves muscular flexibility.

Initial Equine Massage Session (90 - 100 minutes) - $150*

Includes consultation, conformation and gait analysis, full body massage with passive range of motion (PROM), passive and active stretching.

*Travel fees may apply. See below for details.

To book a session, please contact me through this website,

by sending an email to tammy@youramazing.biz

or by calling or texting 678-856-4922.

Equine Massage Pricing & Additional Information


It is important to schedule your horse's session during a quiet time of day and not close to feeding time. You (the owner), a trainer or caregiver will need to be available for the beginning and end of the session to answer questions and assist with leading your horse during assessments.

After the initial massage session you may decide to take advantage of one of the available Massage Programs I offer. We will discuss recommendations based on your goals, budget and performance expectations. Horse and Rider packages are also available.


Initial Session (90 - 100 Minutes) - $150*

90 Minute Session - $125*

120 Minute Session - $150*

Pre/Post Event Session (45/45) - $100* (Offered at race/show/trial location)

* Session prices include travel up to 20 miles from my office location.

            • Travel Fee over 20 miles up to 50 miles - $40**
            • Travel Fee over 50 miles - $80**

**Travel fees may be reduced or waived if multiple animals are receiving therapy during the same booking day/time/area.

Companion/Rider Add On Available

15 Minute Chair Massage (need 5' x 5' space) - $20

60 Minute Therapeutic Table Massage (need 10' x 8' private space) - $70

90 Minute Therapeutic Table Massage (need 10' x 8' private space) - $100

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Wellness Massage Program

90 Minute Session $125* / 120 Minute Session $150*

The intention of a Wellness Massage is to maintain a horse's health and to help prevent any illness or injury from occurring. A horse that is suited for a Wellness Program is a horse that is not debilitated in any way and one that is not asked to increase the amount of time or the level of difficulty of its work. A successful Wellness Program consists of at least 1 session per month, depending on the owner's goals and budget. The primary goals of this program are to:

                        • Improve the immune system's function by stimulating the lymphatic system.
                        • Reduce muscular tension.
                        • Detect and prevent illness and injury.
                        • Remove metabolic waste products.
                        • Relax and calm the horse's mind and body, making them a more willing partner.

Horses that would benefit from the Wellness Program include:

                                • Companion Horses
                                • Trail Horses
                                • Geriatric Horses
                                • Horses used for pleasure and occasional riding
                                • Therapeutic Riding Horses
                                • Lesson Horses
                                • Police Horses
                                • Plow Horses

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Recovery Massage Program

90 Minute Session $125* / 120 Minute Session $150*

The intention of a Recovery Massage is to help a horse recover from a recent injury or illness and return to a healthy state. A successful Recovery Program consists of 2-3 sessions per week or as directed by a Veterinarian. The primary goals of a Recovery Program are:

                            • Providing comfort to an injured, sick and possibly stall bound horse.
                            • Increase cellular activity and metabolism.
                            • Increase local circulation.
                            • Decrease localized inflammation.
                            • Reducing muscle tension.
                            • Removing metabolic waste products.
                            • Encourages flexibility and stability.
                            • Promotes the formation of healthy scar tissue.

Horses that would benefit from the Recovery Program include:

                                  • Rescued Horses
                                  • Hospitalized Horses
                                  • Horses confined to stall rest
                                  • Geriatric horses
                                  • Injured performance horses

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Performance Massage Program

90 Minute Session $125* / 120 Minute Session $150*

Pre/Post Event (45 min./45 min.) $100*

The intention of a Performance Massage is to help raise a horse's performance level while optimizing it's current performance. A successful Performance Program consists of 3-4 sessions per month or as directed by a Veterinarian and/or Trainer. The primary goals of a Performance Program are:

                                • Increasing flexibility
                                • Maintaining mental soundness
                                • Decreasing localized inflammation
                                • Reducing muscle tension
                                • Removing Metabolic Waste Products
                                • Disrupting postural problems
                                • Improving muscle memory
                                • Improving the horse's longevity

Horses that would benefit from the Performance Program include:

                                • Horses in a consistant training program
                                • Show Horses
                                • Race Horses
                                • Horses that are transitioning to a new job
                                • Endurance Trail Horses

What are the benefits of massage?


  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Relives muscle tension
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Strengthens and regulates respiratory, circulatory, immune and gastrointestinal functions
  • Improves performance and enhances quality of movement


  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Enhances mental acuity and clarity
  • Improve ability to learn
  • Deters separation anxiety
  • Promotes relaxation and mind-body connection